The Power Of Schooling And Education Essay

The Power Of Schooling And Education Essay

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The power of schooling and education is hence strengthened by the belief of the majority of people on its necessity and prominent role for the young generation development. In essence, schools are empowered by perception and belief from which public holds on its capabilities of transmitting knowledge. This power is powerful since, under the analysis of social theorists, knowledge is considered a form of capital. And more importantly, this sort of knowledge capital is closely linked with economic development, “‘owing’ some knowledge leads to greater personal power in the economic arena.” (Apple, 1982:43).
Regarding the macro level of an education, under the development of economic growth and political policies, it pressurises sector of education with a network of schools and educational institutions to constantly aware of the strict relation between supplying a qualified work force to the development of society as a whole. In order to fulfil its mission, the education enacts its top-down power to maintain its crucial social-oriented role with movements of education policies and reforms and so forth (Lowe Boyd and Crowson, 2002). In response to the development of the economics, policies and reforms are produced to maintain the relationship between the education and the speedy development of the economy. As stated in Ben-Peretz (2012:01) “the transformation of schools and the reform of school system is necessary in order to cope with the current rapid major political, socio-cultural and economic global changes”. In other words, the power of an education system is practiced in relation with its autonomous actions to produce policies and reforms affecting every lower layer in its hierarchy system (Burbules, 1986).
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...every aspects of the education. The power relations and conflicts in schools and classroom-based are notable and reflect a complex interrelation between each parties. The following section takes into account teachers’ position and their power as the locus of discussion in order to lay foundation for the coming chapters.
Teachers and their positions
The role of teachers in an education is more complex than merely teaching and educating the taught the subject knowledge. In fact, teachers are placed in “a multiple network of diverse elements – walls, space, institutions, rules, discourse” (Foucault, 1979:307). The institutional context of the school requires teachers to perform a set of pedagogical tasks. In addition to that, teachers face various relational aspects entailed by their teaching context such as the relationship with parents (Vincent, 1996a, Vincent, 1996b)

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