Essay about The Power Of Public Speaking

Essay about The Power Of Public Speaking

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How has public speaking become so feared? “In a study [of 9,000 people] that concentrated on fears in a social situation, their top ranking fears were public speaking, speaking up in class, meeting new people, talking to people of authority, important exams or interviews, going to parties and talking to strangers”(Lucas, 2012, pg. 9). This question has always perplexed me, because I too suffer from a fear of speaking in public. But after reading chapter one of The Art of Public Speaking, I understand now that it is a blend of different subjects that make public speaking seem so unappealing. Stephen Lucas opens this chapter on the power of public speaking, by saying “Throughout history people have used public speaking as a vital means of communication.”(Lucas, 2012, p. 4) Lucas then goes into different situations where the power of public speaking has made immense changes in people’s lives. But to have a good speech, you have to do research on public speaking itself. Lucas devotes a section of chapter one to talking about the history of public speaking stating that every culture has some word equivalent of the word speaker. Lucas then goes on to tell the similarities and differences between public speaking and conversation. Stephan Lucas then goes on to explains in this chapter that nervousness and stage fright are among the leading causes for the fear of public speaking. But he then assures us that nervousness is normal, and a welcomed part of speech giving. Lucas proves his point by saying, “If you feel nervous about giving a speech, you are in very good company. Some of the greatest public speakers in history have suffered from stage fright, including Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Sanger, and Winston Churchill” (Lucas, 2012 pg. ...

... middle of paper ... in the world. As Lucas says at the end of this chapter “Public speaking has been a vital means of personal empowerment and civic engagement throughout history” (Lucas, 2012, pg. 25). After reviewing the first chapter of The Art of Public Speaking, I have learned that a well thought out speech can have monumental effects on the people around me, and might help change the world in some way. I intended to review to this chapter to help me get a better understanding on my nervousness, and use the nervousness I have to better my speech. I will also review this chapter to help me to better understand the set up and communication of an effective speech, so that maybe one day I can give a truly effective speech. These are just a couple of things I have learned while reading chapter one, and I look forward to the chapters ahead to see how I can better my public speaking.

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