The Power of Penn State University Essay

The Power of Penn State University Essay

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The importance of a college degree and a good education remains indisputable, yet college carries a secondary purpose in providing an experience full of freedom and opportunities. The nation recognizes Penn State University for not only its academic excellence, but also for the “college experience” that accompanies the education. When older adults look back on their own college experiences, many think back on the “stupid things they did” with endearing feelings and refer to them as “good times” or “golden days”. I went along with the idea that college, and Penn State in particular, remained a place where students share crazy experiences never to be retold after college. After reflecting on this idea, I think that it should be modified a bit. College should still be a place where we share and exchange great memories, but the drinking population of Penn State should collectively avoid emphasizing the importance of alcohol on our campus due to the risks that accompany it, the inconsiderate effects it has on others, and the consequences it carries for the school in the future.
If an outsider visits Penn State’s campus for the weekend, by Monday morning, likely comments, may reference the loud chants and screams echoing through the quad in East halls until the early hours of the morning, or recall the crowded, disorienting scene that surrounds cheap eateries of College Avenue at night. College party school rankings prove repeatedly that Penn State maintains a reputation of being a party school. According to the Princeton Review, Penn State ranks number nine nationally as one of the top party schools in the nation and number one nationally for their consumption of beer alone (“Top Party Schools”). Although these reviews ...

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...ness an enlightening, or aesthetic experience.
When people hear the name of our school, we want them to think of the 13.3 million dollars raised for pediatric cancer, or the dedication of our football fans and talent of our athletes. We know as college students that parties will always exist and that crazy memories will be shared with friends, but what those around us see consists of the news reports of young adults getting hurt, vandalized areas of campus, and a lack of seriousness concerning academics. We have such a great opportunity to attend University Park campus and all it has to offer. Our talents, diversity, and hard work stand make this institution stand out among the rest. The reputation we put forth has a large effect on the school. If we can focus on our strengths, Penn State can rise to an even more prestigious position than where it stands today.

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