The Power Of Guidance And Punishment Essay

The Power Of Guidance And Punishment Essay

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Chapter 1 of The Power of Guidance talks about the theory that teachers must be patient. In Nancy Webber 's article “Guidance or Punishment” she addresses the behavior of a student, Ryan, and questions if having more patience will help his teacher in helping him learn. She goes on to explain why she is uncomfortable with correlating this term with teaching due to the context of it being used in unpleasant situations (2). Rather, she believes that she has little patience because of her passion to teach. In her opinion, a person whom dislikes teaching and working with children has more patience. Instead, she defines this behavior as a part of development and believes that teachers should accept that aspect of their jobs. It is this key understanding that separates a good teacher from a poor one. If a teacher wants to help their student, they need to be willing to help them to find ways to appropriately display their emotions, rather than tollerate their behaviors and use patience to control the situation.

This understanding that a child 's behavior is a part of their social development is crucial because it affects how a teacher addresses their students. If a teacher sees a child as purposefully being bad, this may affect their interaction with this student. They may be less likely to want to help the student due to frustration. If they only focus on the behavior rather than how it impacts a student, this may lead to a poor academic performance. On the other hand, if a teacher accepts that their student 's behavior is a part of their social development, it allows them to then focus on how to help the student to learn more efficiently and to find ways to accomidate to this student 's needs. For example, during an exper...

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...opportunities to teach values to their students. If they choose to instead impose judgement upon their students for their negative actions, and use patience to tollerate these behaviors, it tells the student that they are not able to change. On the other hand, I believe that a teacher should be compassionate and understand that a student 's behavior may be influenced by many components. Having an undersatnding of the development of a child may offer teachers the insite they need to why their students “misbehave”. This is important due to the impact of choosing to label their students negatively upon their emotional development. If a teacher chooses to not take the time to help their students, they are not only creating possible long term negative effects, but they are also not using these opportunities to further their students social and emotional development.

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