The Power Of Free Thought And The Spirit Of Revolution Essays

The Power Of Free Thought And The Spirit Of Revolution Essays

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What pushed Shelley to write were his two biggest passions in life: the power of free thought and the spirit of revolution. But these came with a price; as a visionary and day dreamer, relentlessly teased by others, eventually gaining the nickname of “Mad Shelley” due to his erratic behavior. Maiming another student furthered the authenticity of his bestowed upon alias (Mondragon Web).
Percy Bysshe Shelley, born on August 4th, 1792 in Boardbridge Heath, England. Born into a large family, nine including himself, he eventually ventured from home and towards the Syon House Academy. Following the academy, he enrolled at Eton College in 1804; speculation if it was a favorable decision remained questionable. Here he suffered through both physical and mental abuse from his peers, which caused him to retreat into himself. Around this time, he earned the title of “Mad Shelley”. Yet, looking past the misery and anguish, some valuable came from his six years at Eton: within his first year, he had published two novels, as well as two volumes of poetry, including the famous St. Irvyne and Posthumous Fragments of Margret Nicholson (Grimm Web).
Fall of 1810, Shelley enrolled in Oxford University, concluding it seemed like “a better academic environment”. It went swimmingly, up until he and a friend, Thomas Jefferson Hogg, published and printed a pamphlet titled The Necessity of Atheism and circulated it throughout the university. This incident was brought up to the dean, who in turn demanded Shelley either claim or deny authorship of the pamphlet. He did neither and therefore, consequently expelled (Grimm Web). Although this was not the first offense when it came to disregarding religion (“. . . he would often write “democrat, great lover of m...

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...few years, Shelley and Mary moved city to city; which caused the death of their son William (fever). During this, he wrote Prometheus Unbound; following, in 1819, he wrote The Cenci and The Masque of Anarchy and Men of England, the latter a response to the Peterloo Massacre (Grimm Web).
Just shy of 30, Shelley met his untimely demise through accidental drowning, just after meeting Leigh to discuss their freshly printed journal, The Liberal. Despite questionable suspicion, his death deemed as an accident. However the evidence discovered on the boat’s deck led to speculation that it could have possibly been murdered (Grimm Web).
Cremated on a beach in Viareggio, which was the location he had washed ashore. Shelley’s ashes, entombed in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome; his heart taken and given to Mary then buried along with her when she perished (Mondragon Web).

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