Essay on The Power of Female Friendship in The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Essay on The Power of Female Friendship in The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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Throughout The Color Purple, Alice Walker conveys the importance and the power of female friendship in all forms. It shapes and forms the strong bond of female companionship as means of refuge from oppression, male dominance and a world full of violence perpetrated against woman which the female protagonists wish to break free from. Walker constantly reminds the reader of the gruelling pursuit of identity that all are in search for, both in Africa and America; for females to gain equal recognition as individuals who deserve fair and just treatment in a patriarchal society where as Albert states “Men suppose to wear the pants" in soceity. In conclusion, not only leading Celies personal growth as independent woman but also to the extraordinary establishment of a female solidarity network within the novel. It is this network of female friends that wages a potent challenge to dominate over the patriarchal structure in the text.

The only woman who manages to challenge male dominance and change the gender roles the most is Shug, who asserts her own independence by living according to her own laws totally disregarding the opinions of others. Shug Avery is an authoritative goddess the ‘’Queen Bee’’ who refuses to be brought down by any male especially Mr___ ‘’ Good thing I ain’t your damn wife’’ evidently showing that she can and most defiantly question his authority and answer back to him. Forever vigilant that she manages to maintain the upper hand and stay in control. Together, these females free each other as they realise that ‘’ women need a little fun in a while’’: Shug flourishes and manages to teach (squeak) Mary Agnes to sing gracefully like she can, Albert’s sister takes Celie shopping when nobody else does, Sofia’s sister O...

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...heless, regardless of the changes that are seen within society in the the Color purple , there are still places within the world where females will never be able to live freely or handle their ‘’own’’ .The African tribe of the Olinka do not believe in educating their women, and regardless of the fact that there are no reports of abuse towards females by males in the letters that Nettie sends, female subservience is unchallenged, and the debasing initiation ceremony continues without from the females contest except from Nettie and her family. Also known as the combined female initiation ceremony, each of these operations has their functions. By scarring the womans face, the woman instinctively keeps her head ‘down,’ as Tashi does daring not to look up. While the women keep their heads down the men keep theirs aloft, and in doing so the power structure is conserved.

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