The Power Of Education : A Small Island Nation Essay

The Power Of Education : A Small Island Nation Essay

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The Power of Education.
Modern societies no longer thrive on the size of its population like it would have years ago. Societies now depend heavily on knowledge possessed by their population for growth and development. Education provides citizens with the ability to think critically and make rational decisions, which help improve the conditions in society. The governments of many countries have noticed this trend and have taken steps in order to ensure a better and thorough education is provided to the people. These countries experience phenomenal growth in their economies, which they sustain for long periods of time. For instance Japan a small island nation in East Asia, which according to UNESCO, has an adult literacy rate of 99% continues to sustain a GDP of $4,210 billion placing it as the third strongest economy in the world as of 2015 (Projected GDP Ranking (2015-2020)). Research also shows that life expectancy is strongly associated with education. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, “on average, among 15 OECD countries with available data, a 30-year-old tertiary-educated man can expect to live eight years longer than a 30-year-old man who has not completed upper secondary education”(Villoutreix, 1).
Yet in spite of the glaring advantages of quality education, the Nigerian government refuses to put in place a solid plan to aid in the education of its citizens. Nigeria is plagued with an inefficient education system with an adult literacy rate of 56.9%(). In 2015 Nigeria has a GDP of only $568.5 billion almost 7 times less than Japan’s though Nigeria is almost two times the size of Japan. As a result the country lacks the technical manpower required to compete as a producer in today’s w...

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.... Evaluation and revision of practice problems rarely take place. The students are advised to seek help from their peers in order not to slow down the class. Hence, after a topic has been discussed in class, a significant number may not fully grasp the topic. These lapses in understandings usually resurface when the students are faced with real life problems or during work promoting inefficiency in the work force. An inefficient work force would struggle to produce enough goods for consumption locally with very little being left for export to other countries.
Hence Nigeria suffers a balance of payment deficit continuously from year to year. If improvements are not made to the standard of education received in Nigeria, the steady decline in the national GPD, which has been observed for the past ten years would continue leading to an eventual collapse of the economy.

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