The Power of Dishonesty in Testify by Valerie Sherrard Essay

The Power of Dishonesty in Testify by Valerie Sherrard Essay

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What happened when Carrie went over to speak to Halyey, what did she tell her friends
Arriving at Hayley’s house, Haley wasn't too pleased to see Carrie. She began acting ill-mannered towards Carrie, although Carrie had informed her that many people are worried about her, Hayley didn't care what her friend had to stay. Hayley starts to yell, it was rude and hurtful things about her friends, Shana, Kyrsti, Jen and Lori. She begins with Jen saying, "She said it makes her sick, the way Jen stuffs food into her fat face at lunch." (Sherrard 45). Next she begins to bash Lori, "Lori is the most selfish, stuck-up person I’ve ever met,” (Sherrard 45). She continued, "Kyrsti is such a skank who wear the shortest skirts she can find because she wants all the guys to know she’s open for business.” (Sherrard 45). She then continues, "Shana is the worst of all of us because she goes around acting all goody-two-shoes, but then she went and made out with a greaseball like Sly Black wood.” (Sherrard 45). This reminds me of a movie I once watched, called Girl in Progress. This movie surronds a teenage girl named Ansiedad who wants to fit in and be popular. Her attempts results in her turning on her best friend Tavita. She tells Tavita during the film, "Your fat, your ugly, you have to get your food specially made for you and your a hippo.” In both situations, there are people who are making fun of their friends.
Describe in your own words why Carrie lied about Hayley stealing?
Carrie lied about Hayley stealing perhaps because Hayley knew something about Carrie that was really terrifying and could ruin her. maybe that's why she made up this whole accusation about Hayley stealing because if Hayley is out of the group she can't tell anyone ab...

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...ssing her ring and blamed Hayley if they never found it in her bag?
I think the author, Valerie Sherrad included the part of Lori missing her ring and blamed Hayley for it because she wanted a rival between Lori and Hayley Lori just had just pointed the finger at Hayley because she had no one else to accuse of the missing ring. The author must have thought it would have been clever so it blends in with the story more because in the story it said everyone was missing things. The author wanted a rival in the book because Shana had been already mad at Hayley stealing her brooch and it made it better when Lori was mad at Hayley too for thinking Hayley stole her ring. This reminds me of an author named "Karen Kendall" she puts relevant parts into her book like "Valerie Sherrad" to make her books good like Valerie Sherrad does.

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