The Power of Art Therapy Essay examples

The Power of Art Therapy Essay examples

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Many say that art is just a work of creativity. However, it is much more than that. Art can help people in many ways because it raises self-esteem, helps with mental disorders, and it can work as a very powerful therapy method. Art Therapy isn’t all about creativity. It can sometimes help more than actual face to face therapy. It tends to feel less intimidating.
Does Art Help with Self-Consciousness?
One issue many people, especially girls, struggle with is self-esteem. Many different ways are tried to fix this problem. Some of which may not be the best or healthiest of ways. A specific way most haven’t tried is by using art. Studies have shown that art most certainly can raise self-esteem. Brookes (1995) did a study on the effectiveness of group art therapy intervention for increasing the level of self-esteem of sexually abused survivors’ (Drapeau, 2007). His study concluded that group art therapy indeed raised the survivors’ level of self-esteem (Drapeau, 2007). The making of art allows a person to express themselves on paper. Also, it can allow them to draw out the way they see themselves. This can help a person be more confident in themselves.
Art can be used to keep anyone occupied. Another study was done by Hartz and Thicke (2005) to find the benefits of using art therapy to improve female juvenile offenders’ self-esteem. The study showed that art therapy groups could increase self-worth. Also, they found that it builds greater trust in others and increases self-disclosure (Drapeau, 2007). Juvenile offenders’ may think art can only be graffiti. However, using art in that way is a serious crime. One ...

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... full on explaining what they are. Also, it seems as if it would be a more entertaining approach. With a more entertaining approach patients may feel better about sharing feelings. In the end if anyone cannot handle the thought of talking out their feelings maybe they should attempt to try art therapy. A safe, quiet, and fun way to get help.

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