The Power Of Art Is The Healing Process That Brought Happiness And Serenity

The Power Of Art Is The Healing Process That Brought Happiness And Serenity

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Her scraped knee stung, beginning to bleed. Unaware of what was to come while she was skipping, she did not pay attention to what she was doing. She tripped over an uneven section of the sidewalk. As tear filled her eyes, the little girl believed she would not be able to walk again. However with her over dramatic imagination and her low tolerance to pain, which blocked her logical thinking. She knew that with a simple peck to her scraped knee and a pretty Band-Aid, she would be able to walk and run again in a matter hours, minutes even. The little girl was picked up, while she was still in distraught over the small scrape. Her hero took her home and bandaged her injured knee. Though the pretty Band-Aid did stop the bleeding and protected the small open flesh wound. Ultimately the Band-Aid was not the cause to healing her, in her mind.
The power of art was the healing process that brought happiness and serenity. It was of that which made her forget about her pain. When she was free to continue playing after her scrape was cleaned and bandaged up. She went to her room; she painted her first picture that created the warm, genuine, and loving smile. That feeling was the start to a future of artwork, that will create awe, inspiration and smiles along her journey.
When I painted that first picture, I felt this thrill, an urge to continue creating. I wanted to try and create something of my own more. As I look back, I did not begin realize that at that particular moment. Being the age I was, I would be suggesting art as something I enjoy and to be consider as my profession. Although I knew it could be a means of expressing my self and then later, my escape. (Art was where all my thought and imaginations, sometimes, could come ...

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... learn all the basics to be able to draw from my imagination. He helped me understand what my art teacher meant to be patient. Now art is and will continue to be part of my life. As I look back, my sense of creativity did not really leave me, even though it felt so. When people saw my artwork, I loved the smiles that appeared on their faces -the comments were nice too, but I do not see that as my primary happiness-. Art has became my second sense, its my means of expressing and even though I’m still growing. I know I will struggle but that will not be my reason to give up my goals. The time I’ve spent trying to go back to drawing and receiving great feedback, helped me realized that art was something that can make me happy. Along with that it would be my profession, because of the smiles from those around me and even far away, as I create new things that express me.

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