The Power Of A Perfect Democratic System Essay

The Power Of A Perfect Democratic System Essay

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Abraham Lincoln was a president who not only witnessed slavery first hand, but also witnessed a once cohesive and democratic nation go to war with itself over slavery. Due to this, it makes sense that his definition of democracy would largely be based on slavery. He has seen slavery and the effects, and, for this reason, would put neither himself nor anyone else to be in a position subservient to others. Furthermore, he proposes the idea that anyone who would place themselves above others in this manner differs from democracy, to the magnitude at which they place themselves above those they believe beneath them.
This quote from Lincoln is more specific to his time, however, I believe we still draw on this ideal today. The modern government in this country is built, with democracy in mind, in a way where no one person can command too much power. We continually add and remove more laws in an effort to create a “perfect” democratic system. While I do believe that a perfect democratic system is impossible, our current system does a good job of trying to emulate Lincoln’s idea. Since Lincoln abolished slavery in this country, our government has progressed and grown. We now attempt to even the scales in efforts to make sure that no one places themselves too far above any other person. Lincoln may have made the greatest effort in this respect by abolishing slavery in the United States, which is a big reason why his quote is so significant. Even though he died 150 years ago, his impact is still felt today, and it is important to delve into the ideas of a man who changed the course of our country’s history so much.
There is much in our modern democratic system to keep any aspects of a slave-master relationship at bay. The most important o...

... middle of paper ...

...dictators are entirely undemocratic by Lincoln’s definition, to the greatest extent possible. This is why the system of the United States, built partially by Lincoln’s efforts as president and his definition of democracy, is (in my opinion) one of the best democratic systems in the modern world.
Overall, much has changed since Lincoln’s day in age, which has changed how we see democracy as well. Slavery has been abolished, yet power dynamics still exist. While these are nothing like slavery in severity, it is the attempt to rid us of these that makes our country so democratic. Following in the footsteps of Lincoln’s definition, we have made the strides necessary to push towards a better system within his ideals. We still have a long way to go, and no democratic system is perfect, yet ours has made strides towards becoming the closest to perfection that we can have.

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