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Power in Macbeth Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth how is power portrayed and for what purpose does it serve?
In William Shakespeare Macbeth the composer emphasizes the controlling force that power possesses over another being. Shakespeare utilizes many types of powers in different contexts, such as domestic power, supernatural power and the power of the natural order within Elizabethan society. The composer employs these powers within the text to not illustrate but also highlight their controlling and possessive influence on the central figures within the text. The play climax’s around the protagonist dealing with the consequences of his actions in succumbing to external pressures and an inner hunger for ambition and power. In perusing such desires he gets killed epitomising the rigidity to the natural order in which all citizens during the Elizabethan era must conform to.

Through the characterization of the protagonist Macbeth, Shakespeare encapsulates the controlling forces the power ascertains over its victims. One of the powers that Macbeth is drawn into through the external influences such a...

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