Power Balancing Strategy Stalled Near The Load Side, Reducing Line Losses And Large

Power Balancing Strategy Stalled Near The Load Side, Reducing Line Losses And Large

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Abstract—This paper proposes a power balancing strategy stalled near the load side, reducing line losses and large
for dispatchable and/or non-dispatchable sources in an islanded investment to build a transmission and distributed network.
microgrids. This control method enables energy storage system Majority of distributed generators, encompasses wind power,
that employs an constant voltage bandwidth in a dc busbar
voltage to maintain voltage steady stage position for a short solar power, fuel cell, small scale gas turbine and so on,
period disturbance in a network. This constant voltage band, use inverters as interface devices to a distributed electrical
applied to obtain maximum benefit of storage system, depends network. Power electronic inverters can inject active and
on a storage capacities feature to avoid voltage limit violation reactive power in the network, and can be used as a con-
of the storage system. In addition, a linear quadratic regulator, trolled magnitude and frequency voltage source based on
minimizing cost function of the system, employed as a voltage
controller to track the reference grid voltage calculated from control algorithm [3]. For this reason, inverter control in
P/V droop control strategy. In the proposed control method, a distributed network often means microgrid control. The
an long term energy storage element such as a battery can be control process and characteristic of inverters are significant
used to regulate voltage and delivering i...

... middle of paper ...

... terminal voltage and
vice versa. On the other hand, renewable energy sources,
non-dispatchable or limited dispatchable, delivers power to
the network based on optimal power point set up, for example
MPPT tracking point in case of solar power. In this control
approach, terminal voltage is changed proportional to the
load demand variation, but terminal voltage deviation is not
expected from the consumer perspective view. Moreover,
active power control is postponed upto certain limit of
the network voltage considering renewable energy sources
feature, but recently most renewable energy sources use
energy storage element, such as battery, that can deliver
power into the network during power mismanagement like
dispatchable generator. So, this assumption is not valid any-

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