Power And Wealth Spheres From The North And North East And South ( Ikenberry )

Power And Wealth Spheres From The North And North East And South ( Ikenberry )

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Ikenberry begins his article stating that power and wealth spheres are moving from the North and the West to the East and the South (Ikenberry, 56). Moreover, he explains that the modern rising states are large non-western developing countries such as China or India (Ikenberry 57). Ikenberry contemplates that the global economic slowdown and the different set of cultural, political and economic experiences gives way to the belief that the liberal world order is ending (Ikenberry, 57). However, Ikenberry dismisses this thought, as he believes that emerging great powers will want to maintain the basic rules and principles of the liberal world order (Ikenberry, 57). Ikenberry asserts that the power transition of North and the West to the East and the South is not the end of the liberal order but its ascendance (Ikenberry, 57). Furthermore, he has confidence that the rising powers will become more prosperous and capable by following the rules, practices and institutions of the liberal world order (Ikenberry, 58). Likewise, in his view, the liberal international order is an international mutual aid society (Ikenberry, 61). He claims that participants in this global order are incentivized to remain in the order due to the economic, political and security benefits (Ikenberry, 62). He reasons that rising states are interested in the Liberal world order because the openness gives them access to trade, investment, and knowledge from other societies (Ikenberry, 62). Additionally, Ikenberry empathizes that the liberal world order has no competitors with the similar organizing logic (Ikenberry, 63). As he notes that over the last half century, the international order has assimilated many rising powers into the political and economic landscape ...

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... WTO, as a multilateral agency, has failed. In their attempt to create unifying agreements they alienated the LDC’s, with green room meetings dictating the decisions and inability to create compromise between LDC’s and developed nations (Yates). Additionally, as of late, free trade deals have started to be made outside of liberal multilateral agencies. Such an example is the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP], a deal, which promotes free trade between twelve countries alone the Pacific Rim. However, while the deal remains liberal, it holds realist value within. These values are present from the exclusion of China within the deal. Undoubtable, this deal was made to promote stronger ties between the Pacific Rim countries to defend against the economic rise of China. While the multilateral organizations may have failed it does not mean the end of International Liberalism.

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