The Poverty Status of Single Women and Single Mothers Essay

The Poverty Status of Single Women and Single Mothers Essay

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Although currently we do not recognizing the increasingly important role of women in the economy. It is important to recognize the work that women exert especially single women and single mothers. Single women have an important contribution to the economy. Single mothers, in addition is playing a significant contribution in the professional , they use their time with effort and dedication to work in home , a work that results in the education of children, caring for household members , organization and address chores, provide food, cleaning and repair of housing, care of clothing and footwear , purchases and payments . The time spent in such work, is not being paid economically, often despised by society and because it takes much time and energy is difficult for a single mother and head of household to be be vulnerable to falling into poverty.
We can say that single women and single mothers are mostly poor by income and educational backwardness with the consequence that they have difficult to access jobs that allow them to have a higher income. Although today education is a right for every citizen, the circumstances surrounding the woman sometimes it not let to get this right, sometimes it is about having night work shifts or live in areas with high crime levels forcing them to drop out, or perhaps because the revenue available for education are preferably intended for men. Single women earn less than men and married women, so they have fewer financial resources and consequently are unable to achieve its economic potential. These women are less confident than men and married women in regard to labor wages, household income, wealth, and is likely to face poverty.
Low wages and lack of a couple make many single women i...

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...ates. Probably it is more difficult for them to find work or escape poverty compared to white women.
As the single mother is generally poorer and with a high degree of vulnerability among separated or divorced mothers, many women of the middle class or upper middle have completed college and are professionals and receive good income. In addition they received child support. The economic potential of unmarried women is something that goes unnoticed. If we boost the economic strength of this group we can take advantage of this potential, which we all benefit. The challenges are many and one of the biggest issues is to be the house head, so we need to work and deal with the breeding and growth of children. Women divide their time between professional and maintaining a home, the challenge of society is to provide a more equitable work environment for men and women.

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