Poverty Of The United States Of America Essay examples

Poverty Of The United States Of America Essay examples

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A chart produced in a book named: “Poverty in the United States of America”:(2000 Dalaker,J) shows something extremely interesting. The chart highlighted poverty rates over time and for different age groups. An anomaly for those who believe that poverty can cause crime is what Dalaker’s results showed; he found that the elderly experienced the greater declines in poverty from 1959 to the 2000 period than other age groups. Statistically, crime in America is common between the ages of 17-40. The poverty rate among the elderly was a staggering 35.2 % in 1959, considerably higher than both the child (27.3%) and eighteen to-sixty-four-year-old (17.0%) poverty rates. But by the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the elderly poverty rate was as low as smog people eighteen to sixty-four, whose poverty rates remained stagnant after 1973. A great deal of the reduction in the elderly poverty rate is due to the impact of Social Security and other such programs.

Meanwhile, child poverty rates declined from 1959 to 1973, only to rise until the economic boom of the mid 1990’s, John Iceland argues that, “less educated people were far more likely to be impoverished than those with more education”, however statistics have shown that many of the elderly were poor and living below the poverty line, whereas those considered middle aged were considerably well off but crimes were being committed within this age bracket. (Additionally in parts of South America, e.g. Venezuela contains a city with one of the deadliest cities across the World, with 24,000 people killed in 2014.)
These killings were not done mainly from those of poor backgrounds, but those who are rich and have power to execute such insane acts. This again, shows that “poverty does not cau...

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... showed an unemployment rate for 16 to 19 year olds of 17.1 percent. When comparing this to the United States overall unemployment (February 2015), the statistics were as low as 5.5 percent .Lower income areas have always been associated with high crime, but recent research shows areas with notable income inequality are also associated with high crime- especially for those between the ages of 15 and 24.
It is believed that “within every race and community, adolescents suffer poverty rates two to three times higher than older adults do,” (Males, 2002). Males firmly believes that many researchers over look what could actually be causing young people to commit crimes; which he believes simply is down to their socioeconomic background. Rather than pinning it on “brain deficiencies, impulsiveness or prone to crime”, it can simply be due to the fact of their background.

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