Essay on The Poverty Of The Middle East

Essay on The Poverty Of The Middle East

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Many who do not know about the consequences of being sold and the kind of life they have to live afterwards, send their daughters off to strangers, or sometimes even marry them off with the hope of getting rid of the chronic poverty that has been bringing them down to their knees, unknowing of the severity of atrocities they sent in their children for. After succeeding in alluring and convincing the heads in the family, the traffickers trade women to various places including city of Mumbai in India and sometimes to the Middle East, also. People have a perception that there are well paying jobs available in the Middle East, therefore, a lot of them get enthused about being employed overseas and become willing to take almost any risk to secure a job in the Middle Eastern labor market (Paul, Kanti and Hasnath). All their hopes turn into despair when they are made to face with the bitter reality of the purpose they were brought in for. Some are sold to certain red-light areas for sexual exploitation, and some are turned into domestic servants or circus entertainers, while others are made to work as child soldiers.
Furthermore, there are numerous families that partake in this business due to socio-economic factors like insufficiency coupled with high unemployment rates and gender discrimination. Padam Simkhada asserts, “Many girls involved in sex work in Asia do so because they are compelled by economic circumstances and social inequality. Some enter sex work voluntarily; others do so by force or deception, sometimes involving migration across international borders” (236). People in rural parts of India and Nepal, are so impoverished and have no jobs that they are willing to just do anything to uplift their economic status, and he...

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...l status of the country, as well the socio-economic conditions of the people only indicate that the trafficking business is in its increasing trend. To fight against this inhuman industry will require both sincere and dedicated multinational effort, and the effort will require strict border security, enforcement of women’s and children’s rights as well as a huge cultural shift that can only start from providing education. More and much effective awareness programs will require to be conducted especially in those areas where trafficking is most likely to occur. Both government and public must participate in fighting against the heinous crime. It is not impossible that the number of casualties should increase if the government does not firmly commit to it and non-governmental organizations do not present the world with more resources and dedication is concerted manner.

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