Essay on The Poverty Of South Africa

Essay on The Poverty Of South Africa

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Poorest Region, South Africa
South Africa is the most ethnically diverse country in Africa. Poverty has not changed much from 1996 -2001. People in South Africa struggle everyday to find jobs and struggle to survive. Death rates are high and very little has been done to help South Africa get back up on it’s feet. Though there have been some improvements in South Africa, the coutry is still one of the least assisted and prosperous country due to an increase of AIDS, lasting impact of Apartheid, and poor economic development which is why the country’s struggles are so immense.
Companies know quite well that being seen to do anything about Aids may help their image including foreign investors. The harmful aspect in this is that the politicians will try to change the problem of getting rid of aids on the corporate sector.(Economist)."There can be no excuse for a South African corporation not to be at the forefront of the battle against HIV/AIDS by making anti-retroviral drugs available to your staff"(Mandela). South Africa has the highest rate of people living with HIV (i.e 5.6 million) and people who have died from AIDS (270,000 deaths in 2011) which makes the country concerned for its health. Handing out drugs , and treating sicknesses may sometimes be companies smallest problem when it comes to payment. "It now costs more not to treat than to treat", says clem sunter, a busiess analyst who looks at the effects of aids for a life. Most of these companies don’t want to pay the expenses which the poor people of South Africa can also not pay which in result is not helping their situation. Yet many smaller companies are more possibly to decide it is too harmful for them to provide education for workers and payng for any small medical...

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...D to make a service improvement plan .The legacy is still over powered. Government had ,over the past 20 years, implemented a number of poor agreements to help the most hurt in our communities.
South Africa has had it’s share of good things and bad events but no less, it has been proven to be one of te least improved and stabalized country in Africa because of the widespread disease of AIDS, the effects of Apartheid, and the lack of economic development placed upon the country. Because AIDs cures havent been doing well more and more people are dying and the countries death rates are increasing immensely. Because of the Country’s effects on Apartheid many laws have been placed and have restricted people for what they want to do. Because of the poor economic development, families are seperated and people cant find jobs and struggle each day for food and to survive.

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