The Poverty Of Nigeria, West Africa Essay

The Poverty Of Nigeria, West Africa Essay

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A governor is able to own a six-thousand square foot home fully equipped with multiple security guards, a swimming pool, and far more rooms than needed. Meanwhile, in a neighboring town just miles away is poverty stricken land where someone calls home. It is surrounded by trash, with little food to eat, as the stench of sewage from the city coats the air. This scenario is foreign to people living in the United States. That is simply because this is a problem prevalent to ones living in Nigeria, West Africa. For decades, Nigeria has been infamously known for the non-progressive gap between the categorization of who is considered to be either wealthy or who is labeled as impoverished. It is a country filled with an abundance of resources, and in spite of this, Nigeria’s poverty rate continues to struggle. The leading factors currently contributing to the growing poverty rate in Nigeria are due to the lack of proper education, the population, and corruption within the government.
The correlation between higher education and easily attainable opportunities is a value commonly experienced globally. Education is ultimately the key to success, and without that factor there is no foundation to build from. According to CNBCAfrica, the Nigerian education sector has rapidly declined in the past twenty years. This statement alone gives a clear look into the struggle that youth in Nigeria are facing daily when it comes to obtaining an education. As a result of Nigeria’s lack of attainment to proper education, both the work force and absolute poverty line have simultaneously suffered as well. When others are not given the resources needed to develop an education, this ultimately stunts potential growth of the economy. The building of a strong...

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Furthermore, not only Nigeria, but all of Sub-Saharan Africa have unfortunately been one of the key victims of corruption. Nigeria’s economy is one of the largest in all of Africa, “ironically, the country also [has] some of the poorest people in the world with as many as sixty-nine percent of the population living below the poverty line” (_________). This quote gives insight into how corruption has aided in the destroying of the country. In Nigeria, there is no accountability for the government when the people behind it do wrong. The main role of the government is to protect all people of a region; unfortunately Nigeria’s government leaders have not been doing so in the recent years. The leaders of the Nigerian government including the president, have repeatedly made public statements against accusations of a need for solutions to the problems surrounding poverty.

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