The Poverty Of New York City Essay

The Poverty Of New York City Essay

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There are so many people suffering in New York City and around the world because they are unable to afford basic necessities for themselves and their families; many are living well below the poverty level. This is because New York City has a major income gap, the biggest gap in any county in the United States (Roberts, 2014). Over the past twenty years, the income gap has just gone up and will continue to rise if we do not find out why it is happening and how to stop it. According to Roberts (2014), “The top 5 percent of households earned 864,394, or 88 times as much as the poorest 20 percent…” (pg.1). So what are the causes and effects of the income gap in New York City over the last twenty years between the richest five percent and the poorest twenty percent? One of the major causes of the income gap are the recessions that hit this city. They lead to the start of a depression and when they are over, it leaves millions struggling to pick themselves up. We overcome these recessions fairly quickly, however, aid is given mostly to the top five percent because they are the ones that help support our economy the most. No one every thinks about the other ninety-nine percent that is struggling to get back on their feet after such a horrendous situation. Another cause of this income gap is the minimum wage, which is currently $8.75. The cost of living in New York over the years has increased greatly and now in order to make ends meet to support their families many people are resorting to working off the books. When a person works off the books they do not pay taxes for the job they have, which is illegal, but many people see no other option. The money they receive from working off the books is usually cash and very hard to trace. So, no...

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... at twenty-one point two percent, six point nine percent higher than the national average of fourteen point three percent. As you can see, New York does not have time to wait around and see what national law is going to be passed to help get our city and millions of people out of poverty. If every mayor after Bloomberg thought they way he did, our city’s poverty and unemployment rate would continue to rise. Thankfully, not every mayor is the tenth richest person in the United State like Mayor Bloomberg, so his successor should be more concerned with the well being of the entire New York City and not just the top one percent that Mayor Bloomberg was mainly concerned about. His successor is Mayor de Blasio, who has already within one year started his #OneNYC campaign to help change our city for the better between the years of 2030-2050 through a number of initiatives.

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