The Poverty Of Children With Poverty Essay

The Poverty Of Children With Poverty Essay

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Children Struck With Poverty
‘Deep poverty affects approximately 3.9 million young children, making them vulnerable and limiting their life experiences.”(deep poverty) The effects of poverty today are huge effecting not only children but “The World Bank projects that the number of people living in poverty fell to 702 million people in 2015, or about 9.6% of the global population.” (World poverty rate).Even though there are many systems out there helping these children, they are still vastly suffering by not being able to go to school to have a formal education and having low educational scores, malnutrition, and missing key social events causing social incompetence.
There are many corporations out there helping these kids. “In 2013, income and nutrition assistance programs lifted 46 million people, including 10 million children, out of the poverty. Medicaid has also resulted in better health care for tens of millions of Americans. Another 16 million people have gained coverage following the Affordable Care Act 's coverage expansions, as of early 2015.” (six examples) This is just one of the many programs that are helping children and adults out of poverty.Some others are programs early education, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP), housing vouchers, and Medicaid Plus one historical income support program.(six examples) See there are many more systems out there helping poverty stricken people and these are just a few of the many. There is “Head Start -- a community action program designed to prepare low-income children for school.”(head start program), Economic opportunity act the EOA’s (a people 's war) ,Community Action Program (CAP)(a people 's war).And many many more systems out in...

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... poor get poorer in word knowledge. Students who have larger vocabularies are able to move ahead more rapidly in academic settings because they have more words to build on.” (brenda Overturf) As children sink lower and lower into the educational pool not quite being able to catch up the world keeps moving forward leaving them behind.
In conclusion yes there is so many things out there to help the children and their parents, but that doesn 't change the fact that there is still millions of people still suffering despite that. They perhaps don 't have a chance to get these sources or they aren 't enough. Even though there are many systems out there helping these children, they are still vastly suffering by not being able to go to school to have a formal education and having low educational scores, malnutrition, and missing key social events causing social incompetence.

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