Poverty Is The Worst Social Problem Being Faced The Whole World Essay

Poverty Is The Worst Social Problem Being Faced The Whole World Essay

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Poverty is the worst social problem being faced the whole world. In its simplest terms, Poverty can be described as the lack of resources. It is an economic problem, which adversely affects the lives of people living in any specific part of the world. Inaccessibility and low economic growth are the main contributors to poverty. Improvement in economic growth accompanied by good governance and effective microeconomic and macroeconomic management can bring reduction in poverty.
Article 1: “Education, poverty and culture in Ghana 1991-2010” by Rolleston (2014)
This article is of importance for the topic under discussion because it relates poverty with education and culture in Ghana. Using the quantitative research approach, the author has surveyed Ghana Living Standards and has come to the point that the country has seen some considerable reduction in the overall level of poverty in this span of time. The reasons identified by the authors for this reduction are cultural changes and education. Education is the main contributor to poverty reduction in any part of the world. When more people of a country will be educated, they will get good jobs to run their families and eventually lead them out of poverty. On the other hand, lack of proper education leads to increase in poverty. Every job requires a specific set of skills and education. If a person will not have these two things, he/she cannot get a good job. This condition ultimately leads to poverty (Rolleston, 2014).
Ghana is a country where governments in the last 10 to 15 years have focused on the factor of education and reduced household consumption as the ways to reduce poverty in the country. The overall culture of the country has changed due to such reduction in the l...

... middle of paper ...

...e included information about an African country, Ghana. The second article talked about a third world Asian country, Pakistan. In the third article, the country of discussion was India. The concluding point for the articles’ analyses is that poverty is connected with the culture and social class of a country. A reduction in the level of poverty through the interventions of the government and personal struggle has an impact on the class/culture of a society.

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Rolleston, C. (2014). Education, poverty and culture in Ghana 1991-2010. Journal of Comparative and International Education, 44(2), 303-304.

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