Poverty Is The State Of Being Extremely Poor Essay

Poverty Is The State Of Being Extremely Poor Essay

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What is poverty? Several dictionary define poverty as being the state of being extremely poor. This states should include as well as imply that an individual in poverty lacks basic necessities. Necessities include but are not limited to money, goods, food, and a means of support.
Modern pop culture confuses the state of being poor with the idea of not being able to afford material possession. Society places emphasis on obtaining and owning items that are not required for one to live and be protected. Necessities which once were thought of as shelter have now evolved in elaborate home that could be used to house multiple family but actually house one individual.
In 1963, the United States Census Bureau determines poverty and an individual’s level of poverty by comparing pre-tax cash income to the threshold set at three times the cost of minimum food diet. This comparison is undated annually include inflation than adjusted to include family size, composition and the age of the household members. Poverty threshold is a multipurpose tracking tool that allows for tracking poverty over time, comparing poverty by groups, and the determination of federal assistance ("Institute for Research on Poverty", 2014). Single individuals in poverty under the age of 65 averaged $11,344 while those 65 and older averaged $10,458. Single parents with one child averaged $15,030 and those with two children averaged $17,568. Two adult household with no children averaged $14,602, one child $17,552, two children $22,113, and three children $26,023 ("National Poverty Center | University of Michigan").
In 2012, the poverty threshold was $23,492 with a poverty rate of 15% consisting of 46.5 million individuals ("Institute for Research on Poverty", 2014). C...

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...Progam. This program has succeeded in reducing the number of citizen children, however the number of immigrant children has increased since 1996. This increase was the result of federal restriction that made the immigrants ineligible and pulling funding. Before the change, immigrants children were insured under the same terms as U.S. citizen. Lack of affordable insurance means these children are less likely to receive preventative services and more likely to be seen in emergency rooms. Language barriers ao mke it difficult for immigrants to enroll in coverage or communicate with providers. This disparity may be eliminated by the services that Medicaid provide such as translation, English proficiency, and language services. dispite this challenges a national study noted that childen born to immigrants show postive signs for mental health and risky health behaviors.

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