Poverty Is The Common Good And The Teachings Of Poverty Essay

Poverty Is The Common Good And The Teachings Of Poverty Essay

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Around the world there are many families and individuals who live in poverty, and this is something that is growing like wild fire. Poverty knows no race or gender, but when looking at the statistics, it shows the inequality, and that many of those below the poverty line in America are children and those of non-Caucasian. Many also call poverty to be a threat to the common good, and that with many living in poverty, we as a species do not care only but for ourselves. The focus will be of how poverty has taken hold in society and how poverty is causing harm to the common good and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
In America alone according to the US Census Bureau in 2013, the “federal poverty line is $11,892 for individuals and $23,836 for a family of four” and these dollar amounts are very low for people to live off of, which is why 45.3 million Americans are living in poverty. Another amazing stat is that 4 out of 5 American are in danger of living in poverty or unemployment for a portion of their life, and will require government assistance. A major global statistic is that the 1 percent that is wealth has seen a 48 percent increase. It is calculated that this 1 percent (80 individuals/families) will have more wealth than 3.5 billion people. With ethnicity in America, the US Census Bureau says that “1 in 3 Native Americans, 1 in 4 African Americans, 1 in 4 Hispanic, 1 in 10 Asian and 1 in 10 Caucasians live below the federal line, and these numbers are only increasing, which in turn causes a problem for the common good. This increasing amount of individuals and families living below the poverty line, not being able to support themselves and not being able to give their all to the common good, is putting a strain on the common good...

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...e that the common good was becoming a major concern for justice. “The conditions in the developing nations of the world, the implications for global economic cooperation and the responsibilities of the developing regions towards the international common good were rapidly emerging as major concerns for justice (Ketteler, 2007).” This goes to show that the church and its social teachings are now focusing more on social justice and the common good once the result of the industrial revolution started and seeing how much the labor force is suffering. Due to all this change, it raises the question of how to deal with the wealth imbalance between nations and the citizens of those countries “the global social question now became concerned with the imbalance in development and underdevelopment found in the relationship between the rich nations and the poor ((Ketteler, 2007).”

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