Poverty is Caused by Bad Karma

Poverty is Caused by Bad Karma

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Becoming rich is a highly desirable goal in most people’s lives; it includes owning various valuable possessions and wealth. A contrasting rich is poverty, which there are two types of; relative and absolute poverty. Relative poverty is when you can only afford the minimum levels of the necessities to life, such as food, clothing, shelter, money, medication etc...) Absolute poverty consists of barely having the sufficient amount of basic needs to survive; therefore people who are in absolute poverty are the people who suffer the most. There are also two very different types of rich, one is physically rich, when someone earns a lot of money and gathers a lot of wealth. There is also being spiritually rich which is not considered by most, it consists of having a lot of belief and faith in any religion you worship and following the practices that need to be followed to be a good devotee. Some Christians believe that the only type of richness acceptable is being spiritually rich and not physically rich. I intend to argue that it’s acceptable for there to be rich people in this world even if poverty is present.
Firstly, it’s acceptable for there to be rich people in this world because there is a possibility that some kind-hearted rich person would donate a generous segment of their wealth to those suffering from poverty. An example of this type of rare, generous person would be John Laing, a faithful Christian who faced many troubles trying to bring his father’s business forward; however it resulted in heavy loss at the beginning because of his desperate need to succeed and achieve a lot. After eventually succeeding in bringing his business forward and being one of the most richest and successful business men in his community and beyond, John Laing donated nearly all of his money to charity. However donating most of his money to charity did not decrease his ambitiousness, helping others motivated John to start larger projects and earn more money, because the more money he earns the more money he can be able to donate to help the poor. Another Christian role model aspect in John’s personality is that he also doesn’t brag about his billion dollar donations, for example he anonymously provided money for the “London Bible College” to be begun and be established. Therefore people like John Laing have proved to the world it is possible for a human to be spiritually and physically rich.

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However, a Christian would say that it is not possible for every single rich person to contribute this much to improve and try to demolish poverty because there are certain personalities and characteristics that unfortunately come along usually with money which disables every rich person from being as generous and self-less as John Laing. The love of money would cause greed and yearning for wealth to buy and live a luxurious life instead of thinking to donate your money to charity. Most rich people would also want their families to experience the luxuries in life this therefore is another barrier and excuse for the rich to not donate money to the poor. However, most rich people do donate money to the poor at some point in life, but often is the case they only donate a small amount for example the spare change they have with them or leftover cash. Christians encourage this sort of behavior but it will not affect a rich person’s place in after-life because they are not giving money that will affect them financially, this means you aren’t really giving money away out of generosity, you are giving away what you don’t need but what you have to spare. A true Christian would give away something they really need to someone else who would need it more.
Secondly, there has to be rich people in this world so they can give a helping hand to those in need of one, if there were no rich people to donate money then who would help people suffering from diseases, and starvation? This is why there is a need for rich people in this world. The existence of the rich and poor in this world could also be a test of faith handed to both the rich and the poor from God himself, how else could he decide who is worthy enough to live eternal life in Heaven? It is seen often in some less developed countries those who suffer a huge deal from various problems, still somehow manage to have faith and hope in God. Why don’t they simply stop the belief in God because if he/she really did exist he would have been kind enough to place them in a live where they can be happier and privileged? Despite the fact they are living in harsh and heartbreaking conditions some people still believe in God, this could mean in their afterlife they will be rewarded for their faith.
Christians believe that God had created the world and everyone in it equally, so how could God decide to put some in unfortunate situations just so they can prove their faith in God, and others in privileged lives for the same reason ( how eager and willing they are to help the poor and be self-less.) This theory of another one of God’s plans for the world is too heartless for God to be accused of and also breaks one of the main Christian beliefs in God.
Some would say it is a crime to strip someone of their riches which they have earned through such hard work and determination. There are some rich people who have started off being poor but somehow manage to build some courage and confidence up in themselves which eventually lead them to their success. How wrong is it to tell these people if they want to have a rich afterlife they have to give away all their hard earned wealth? “Rich people should help the poor but that doesn’t mean they have to become less rich.” Deuteronomy 18:11. Giving away all your riches is basically telling a child to rip up the painting he/she has just spent hours on by putting effort and creativity into it. A story from the Bible tells us how hard it is for the rich enter the world of spiritual wealth (heaven), a rich, faithful Jew comes up to Jesus and tells him he has followed all the ten commandments and has been as faithful as a Christian can be, he asks Jesus what else he has to do. Jesus tells him the only task he has left to do is to sell all his riches to the poor, the man walks away looking troubled. In this story what Jesus has asked will be a harder task to follow throughout than just say, because the rich Jew would have gone through various difficult situations to achieve what he has and therefore it would without doubt be hard to give it all up.
Not everyone in this world earns money in an honest way; people using unjust ways to earn money is unfortunately rapidly increasing in the world today. Examples would include, the sex industry where children from ages 8 to 16 are trafficked and sold, child labor where children are forced to work and not be educated and in some cases even forced to fight in wars, there are also people in this world that illegally import drugs and alcohol and there is also lots of stealing and theft present in this world. It’s not wrong for these people to donate a portion of their money to the less fortunate, but they don’t because once again the love of money has got to them before the faith in God has, preventing them to think any other way but be money-minded.
The rich people can be the solution to closing the gap between the rich and poor which is a very distinct, hard-to-ignore gap present. If more rich people are encouraged to donate and give away belongings, the poor would be so grateful it might just bring countries closer together.
Someone people would believe it’s most impossible for this to happen because they it’s the rich that cause the existence of the poor. They form the unfair trade in this world, preventing the poor countries to fight poverty, improve their economy, educate their country and become rich. If the rich really did have a heart they would put a halt to this unfairness and give a chance to others to improve. God created everyone equally therefore wealth, food, clothing etc… should be distributed equally.
Conclusion: One of leading world problems present today is poverty, the rich are getting richer and the poor are as a consequence are getting poorer, the fact that the cost of living has increased immensely doesn’t help, because less people are therefore eager to donate large chunks of their wealth, that will truly change someone else’s life for the better. However, asking the rich to give away everything they have earned is unfair to them and if this is carried out it’s sure to back fire because various leaders in the past have tried to bring equality into this world, but it can’t be possible unless you take something away from someone and hand it to someone else. This can cause disputes, arguments and wars. An example of this would be Chairman Mao, he tried to bring equality into this world through his own greed to be the ultimate leader of china through the communist ideology, and this of course was unsuccessful. I believe the Hindu teaching that poverty is the cause of bad karma gained from someone’s previous life. However, I don’t believe this means you have to stop helping those in poverty because they deserve it and it’s their punishment but we should help them because not only would it give us good karma, it would bring the world together and if everyone follows it the world could finally result in equality.
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