Poverty Is An Issue Of Poverty Essay

Poverty Is An Issue Of Poverty Essay

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“More than 1.14 billion people estimated in 2011 to be living below the international poverty line of 1.25 dollars a day” (Prabhakar 1). Poverty is an issue that impacts people all over the world, even in our own backyard of Greeley Colorado we can see the effects of poverty effecting people. Poverty is explained by the Webster dictionary as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions, or in the other words the state of being poor. Many people correlate the definition of poverty to being an international only issue that effects people in country’s that are not rich in greater resources or are lacking the development in becoming a wealthier nation. What one should know about poverty is that it can affect anyone and everyone. The issue of poverty shows up greatly in Colorado there are many families that are being impacted by poverty, the poverty that impacts families in Colorado can also be similar to poverty that is being experienced worldwide. Poverty is an issue that cannot be simply fixed over night it is an issue that possibly can never become fixed.
In Colorado we may have experience many different scenarios of poverty, it can be seeing people on the streets asking for change, a family in a grocery store struggling to pay for food, or even going to class with someone who may not be as fortunate as other people. The issue of poverty happens in Colorado sometimes we may not notice the severity of poverty in Colorado. In our own community of Greeley Colorado there is the issue of poverty, which surrounds the community today. The Greeley Transitional House is an organization that helps families go through the transition of poverty and helps the families make their way out of p...

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...f their lives and never find a way to get out? Many questions ponder through my mind about poverty, but I never knew the meaning of what homelessness meant until I did this research. One thing that I learned from doing an interview at the Greeley transitional house was from a worker name Teddy she said, “ I always thought homelessness was a man that was on the streets begging for change.” When she moved to Greeley for the first time she finally noticed that homelessness is not a guy begging for money on the streets. She wants everyone to know that homelessness “Can be a family, you never known who can be a homeless person, they could be standing right behind you at a grocery store line and you could never know.” Poverty and homelessness still continues to be a growing problem and with more awareness we can help out the homeless community locally and around the world.

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