Poverty Is An Important Social Factor That Influences The Health Considerably

Poverty Is An Important Social Factor That Influences The Health Considerably

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Poverty is an important social factor that influences the health considerably. Individuals with low income do not have access to a suitable healthcare, recreational facilities or grocery stores subsequently, the poor population tends to develop quite often negative habits such as tobacco, alcohol, and fast food which increase the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular and chronic diseases. The analysis presented in this work is focused on the percentage of children living in poverty in the State of Virginia. The 2014 census data from Virginia showed a percentage of poverty in children population of about 16 percent in comparison with data from 2008 which the percentage was between 13-14 %¹ . Certainly, the statistics consider critical factors such as the population age , education, and socioeconomic status among others. According to the 2008 census, about 60% of single females have a tendency to live more in poverty and this percentage is followed by the 31% of females with children and the 21% and individuals without high school graduation. Indeed, the age group affected the most in this census was the group between 0-24 years old. In addition, Hispanic was the vulnerable racial group and lastly, the less affected population was the Married population with at least one person working² .

According to the 2008 census data, the Southern part of Virginia counties and cities have the highest poverty rates, principally in Southwest, Southside, and the Eastern Shore area whereas the Northern areas has the lowest rate and below the state average, especially in counties close to Washington D.C. Definitely, the level of poverty Is higher in rural than urban counties alike to the Statewide, where the pov...

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...children live in poverty, a quantity that rise to 1.7 million since 2008. Additionally, the report also indicates that New Mexico has the highest percentage of children living in poverty while New Hampshire has the lowest percentage³. Finally, Information obtained from 2014 poverty Map data source placed Virginia in the 11 position State ranking
Overall , Virginia did not suffer a drastic change in the amount of children suffering from poverty through the years. For the most part, the percentage was constant however some counties were more susceptibles than others due to factors such as geographic locations, the parent 's income, unemployment status, marital status and education level. Certainly, the government should create sources of income for families especially the single mothers and of course help them to get a better education and a suitable job.

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