Poverty Is A Problem The Whole World Struggles With Poverty Essay

Poverty Is A Problem The Whole World Struggles With Poverty Essay

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Poverty is a problem the whole world struggles with; some are affected more than others. Minorities tend to be the ones that can be affected the worse within countries. The United States is no different in this trend; this country’s minorities are affected by poverty just like in any country. There are three minorities in specific that are largely affected by poverty here in the United States. The three minorities would be; Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans. There any many factors that make these minorities suffer with poverty. Often these factors are the same that cause poverty. Each minority has their own group of factors that affect their quality of life. There are four major effects of poverty on these minorities; health issues, quality of life, education level, and employment.
Native Americans have a history of struggling with poverty throughout time. This has been due to various reasons and circumstances that have come their way. The community has suffered a lot since the European settlers arrive in the United States. Since then they have not been able to break out of their cycle of poverty and down fall. Obviously, this does not speak for the whole community but it does speak for volumes.
Poverty within the Native American community has caused many effects that are harmful for the community. This can be seen in various ways. As of 2011, there were over 120,000 tribal homes lacking access to basic water sanitation services (EPA, 2012). Meaning that the health within the community is not at its best due to the poverty. The quality of life is also failing. The NCAI states that “More than 60% of the roads within the Indian Reservation Roads system are earth or gravel. Nearly a quarter of IRR bridg...

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...in the Hispanic community was higher than the employment rate would increase to numbers comparable to the white community in the country.
Over all, it can be said that poverty can be linked to many other issues within minorities. Poverty is a major factor in the overall life of the American Indians, African Americans, and Hispanics. Their communities suffer greatly. The effects that can be derived from poverty are often hazardous to health. Which can interfere with the quality of life. Education is limited often and not adequately target for the different groups which makes them lag behind. Often, leading to increased uneducated rates and dropout rates. With all of these factors into play it makes the unemployment rate rise. Poverty can be detrimental on its own but when it has so many ramifications it leads to a recipe for disaster that these minorities deal with.

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