Poverty Is A Key Concern Of Social Policy Essay

Poverty Is A Key Concern Of Social Policy Essay

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The problem of poverty has been a key concern of social policy throughout its development. Defining poverty is complex because poverty has different measurement in different countries. As an example for that in Europe poverty is defined as when the person’s income falls below 60%. Whereas in England poverty is being measured in three types, the first type is absolute poverty, the second type is relative poverty, and thirdly broader indicator of material deprivation, such as if the family can afford for their child a birthday cake. This essay will argue about the differences between the two types of poverty absolute and relative poverty as it will be compared and contrasted.

Absolute poverty is one kind of poverty that can be defined as the difficult life without the essentials of life, such as: water, clothing, housing, food, and shelter. In other words it is a kind of conditions that cannot be change over a period of time, as an example of that poverty in Africa. There are many causes of absolute poverty, one of the important causes is that the world population is increasing for instance, sub-Sahara in Africa as its population keep increasing which is one cause of poverty, further, the consequences for that are there will be lack of food which will cause food shortage and lack of housing (Murton, 1999.). Moreover, natural disaster is one of the reasons that caused absolute poverty such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunami that can cause everything and the results will be shortage of food, medication, and infrastructure will be damaged. In addition, conflict is also one of the causes, instead of spending money on something will benefit the country like education and agricultural to reduce the percentage of poverty, the cou...

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...rofit incomes have fallen behind Normal profit (Townsend, 1979.). Additionally, economic growth will not solve the problem of income inequality, unemployment, and poverty because it is caused by having lack of skills and geographical immobility.

To sum up, this essay have discussed and defined the differences between absolute and relative poverty. Absolute poverty is based on having the lack of basics for living like shelter, water, food, medical care, and clothing. Moreover, relative poverty is based on attempting out those pay necessary to accomplish the acknowledged expectation for everyday comforts for particular social order. Adding more, poverty can affect human life in a negative way which may destroy the person future. Further, it is important to know about poverty and its different type, so when it is needed to assist them it will be easy on the society.

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