Poverty Is A Bad Thing Essay

Poverty Is A Bad Thing Essay

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Rewind back twelve years ago, when I was in kindergarten, I was told by my family, my friends, the television, and the radio that “poverty is a bad thing”. Fast forward from my kindergarten years to my high school years, all those people who told me poverty was bad continued, but social media and print media was added to the list. Since, when I was little, I get a constant reminder that poverty is this bad terminology, that you must do all it takes to not be in that condition. Just last week, I got a call from my dad, he said, “remember to read your books, you are my investment, I do not want to be like those poor people they show on American television when I am retired”. I then replied him, saying, “dad, don’t worry, am reading my books and I can always rob a bank if school does not work out!” He was relieved after I gave him that assuring statement. I get that poverty is a bad thing, but can we just take a look at the positive effects of poverty?
Poverty can be defined as the “lack of access to resources and income opportunities” (Philip and Rayhan) that are essential for the normal upkeep of one’s self. It could be, not having the enough resources for adequate shelter, food, clothing, and most especially education.
Poverty today, has been one of the most talked about issue pertaining to society, making it a good teacher, motivator as well as a trainer for someone to be successful and also, it is used to keep individuals, financial organizations, and dominant groups in humanity under control.
Poverty can be a motivation for someone to be successful. This success can be either a physical, mental, material or social success. Firstly, poverty can lead to an individual’s physical success. It is statistically seen that poor people ...

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...en non-racialized men and women. Racialized women made 72.5 cents for every dollar that racialized men made while non-racialized women made 63 cents for every dollar that non-racialized men made” (Block, 7). Some job applications that are meant for all are based on what race and your gender which should not be so.
All in all, despite the hateful backlash on the term poverty, over the years, it can be a facilitator for the reality of someone’s dreams to come true. It can also be a way to expose the illegal, corrupt practices going on in different countries and organizations. Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States once said, “the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer” (“Famous Quotes about Poverty”). Poverty has made an impact in so many lives so far including mine.

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