Poverty in the United States Essay

Poverty in the United States Essay

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The Background of Poverty in America
In the United States, there are about more than forty-six million people living in impoverished conditions today. Poverty is a major conflict issue in this country amongst people who are part of the lower class because American families always had a hard time making ends meet, even before the Great Recession began. Living in poverty puts them at a disadvantage because they have to choose between necessitates like health care, child care, and food in order to help themselves and their family members. Though many reforms had been made to help cope with those who are living in poverty, it has been keeping many from being able to climb the social class ladder because the “War on Poverty” has not been effective on ridding poverty in the U.S.
Many people are living in poverty due to the inability to find a job because some businesses are outsourcing jobs to developing countries since workers there are willing to be paid less than the average American worker. Although Obama has promised to put more jobs into America to improve the social standing of people living in poverty, the U.S “has had the largest gap and inequality between the rich and poor compared to all the other industrialized nations (Shah, 2011, 12)”. According to Shah at least 1% of the population is receiving higher income than the 99% of people who live in poor conditions and causes a disequilibrium amount of income distribution within these two factions. Since 1964, President Johnson declared an “unconditional war against poverty” in his State of the Union and passed many reforms like the Social Security Act, Food Stamp Act, Economic Opportunity Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to aid the 19% who were suffering ...

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