Poverty Has Taught Me Patience Essay

Poverty Has Taught Me Patience Essay

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I am now able to breakeven-and then some, occasionally- when it comes to my bank account. However, it hasn’t always been this way. Growing up, income was a struggle to come by in my household. With a father who wasn’t present, and a mother who had 4 children, rent, traveling expenses, and student loans to consider, money didn’t come easy. Poverty has taught me understanding. I knew at an early age just how hard bills, and living can be to pay. I witnessed my mom struggle,and I personally felt the effects of low income well. Poverty is stressful.
Poverty has also taught me patience. I knew at a young age, that I couldn’t always get what I wanted if what I wanted involved money. I was happy, and familiar with the dollar a toy aisle. I was used to having the cheapest shampoos, and toiletries that could be found. School supplies were always cheap and met the minimal needs. Clothing was always bought from the cheapest brand, or company. If times were good, we would get faded glory brand name clothes from walmart. But, most the time, clothes were handed down to me from family members or friends, or bought at a thrift shop. Getting new clothes only occurred when it was necessary; If I had grown out of clothes, or if my clothes became ineffective or damaged. Poverty has taught me to live with only the bare necessities.
There were special times, around the holidays, where I would be fortunate enough, to get a gift from from not only my mom, but from relative and friends. Sometimes I’d get gifts that I had been waiting several months, or all year for. My mother gave me a used life sized care bear, and a used Beauty And The Beast V.C.R. tape. I was delighted as a 7 year old kid, on christmas day, because I knew it was a challenge for m...

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...of my aunt who encouraged me to get my first substantial paying job, a license, and a car, my senior year, I felt self sustained and ready to move out halfway through senior year. In march of my senior year, I had enough money saved up to move out and room with my older brother and nephew. I spent my summer saving up for college and learning how to budget on my own for the first time. I am now at the college of my dreams, with the help of my mom, and my entire family, really. I’m still learning how to budget living expenses. In fact, I’m in the middle of learning to deal with emergency expenses, such as unexpected car payments. But overall, I’m doing pretty okay. I even have a GPA that helps with bringing my car insurance bill down. I couldn’t be where I am now without the help of my family. Throughout my life, I want to figure out ways to give back. Poverty is love.

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