Poverty And Terrorism Has No Direct Relationship With People 's Participation And Support For Terrorism

Poverty And Terrorism Has No Direct Relationship With People 's Participation And Support For Terrorism

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As the theoretical consideration I mention above, my hypothesis would be that people’s economic condition (poverty) has no direct relationship with people’s participation and support for terrorism. As I mention above, people cannot determine the exact role poverty plays in determining terrorism. For example, educational level can work as a cofounding variable between poverty and terrorism since low educational level can both cause poverty and terrorism according to some studies. Also it is very hard for us to determine the position of political variables. For example, political repression and instability can both cause poverty and terrorism. As political instability increases, poverty and terrorism both increase. Under this circumstance, there is no way for us to say poverty is the reason of terrorism and any attempts try to decrease in order to decrease terrorism clearly would not have expectable result. Furthermore, reverse causality and endogeneity could be very serious issue when we try to figure the relationship between poverty and terrorism. In some cases, the poverty actually is caused by terrorism. Thus, my hypothesis would be that there is no significant relationship between poverty and terrorism.
Research Design
As the hypothesis I discussed, this article is dedicated to explore if there is any correlation between poverty and people’s support for terrorism within a country. Before I start, there are many things about poverty we have to clarify. Poverty theoretically means general scarcity, dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. But it is also a terminology that contains many different meanings and indications. To understand, we have to separate relative pover...

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...ely to join terrorism than poor people. Political stability, political discrimination and oppressive political repression actually play more important roles when it comes to facilitating people’s inclination towards terrorism. This finding is consistent with current situation. For example, Based on data collected by Chinese National Security Department, many religious schools in Xinjiang are funded by wealthy Uighurs and students in there are taught to become religious fanatics since they are kids. One possible explanation for the result is that terrorism actually can be seen as a kind of political violence and people who have money, power and high educational level can only put their efforts and income in politics to pursue their personal goals. That is to say, the direct strategy of decreasing poverty cannot be seen as a proper or efficient way to limit terrorism.

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