Essay about Poverty And Social Issues Of Poverty

Essay about Poverty And Social Issues Of Poverty

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Poverty is one of the most prolific and damaging social issues of our time. According to the 2013 census report, the poverty rate in America is 14.5%. That equates to over 45.3 million people living below the federally established poverty rate (DeNavas-Walt & Proctor, 2014). The poverty threshold for a family with two parents and two children is $23,624 annually. That means a family of four in poverty has less than $2,000 each month to meet all their monthly financial obligations (including taxes).
Poverty will affect a person beginning in childhood and continue into adulthood. The consequences of poverty infiltrate many aspects of a person’s life, including their physical development, mental preparedness, spiritual beliefs, behavioral patterns and emotional maturity. To create financially sound, emotionally mature, intelligent adults in the future, we must address the problem of poverty today.
Absolute poverty, relative poverty and subjective poverty are all directly linked to a basic lack of means. Whether a family is struggling to meet their most basic material needs or can never seem to make ends meet, poverty is physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually difficult. As families struggle to combat poverty, they are unknowingly indoctrinating their young children into the mindset of poverty which continues the cycle. Low income parents are at greater risk of continuing the cycle because they accept jobs with low levels of self-direction and autonomy, higher physical hazards and experience higher rates of job instability than parents with higher paying jobs (Yoshikawa, Aber, & Beardslee, 2012). When you combine these factors with the stress that is created within the family by not being financially stable, young li...

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...ionally determined which news stories will become the most prominent. “The media aren’t very successful in telling us what to think, but they are stunningly successful in telling us what to think about (p. 381). McCombs proposed that media actually influence the way viewers and listeners think which is described as framing. James Tankard defines media frames as “the central organizing idea for news content that supplies a context and suggests what the issue is through the use of selection, emphasis, exclusion, and elaboration” (Tankard as cited in Griffin, 2012). In the case of poverty, the media will determine which fraction of the population will be chosen, what attributes of poverty will be emphasized, who will be excluded from the media story and which stories will become featured. In this way, the media have now chosen the way the public will think about poverty.

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