Poverty And Poverty Is Defined Through Diverse Aspects Essay

Poverty And Poverty Is Defined Through Diverse Aspects Essay

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Ronald Regan once said “We fought a war on poverty, and poverty has won.” Exemplifying that poverty has only gotten worse, and 35 years later we are experiencing poverty to its highest degree as a human rights issue. According to the National Census of the United States, “in 2014 the official poverty rate was 14.8% and it’s only been growing” (Census 1). Dictionarty.com defines Poverty as “the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support”. Thousands of people across the world become entrapped in a cycle of poverty that becomes nearly impossible to disintegrate and propels them into further isolation from the rest of society because of insufficiency. Poverty can be defined through diverse aspects, it can be seen as the lack of substantial elements needed to survive, the deprivation of education, and an inability of access.
First, think of the last meal or the next meal you’ll have. It took about 15 seconds to picture it. According to BBC News “every 15 seconds a child dies of hunger” (Alexander 1). Poverty can be defined as the lack of substantial elements needed to survive. Such as food, water, shelter, health benefits and clothing. Imagine being stripped of all that luxury with no choice. There is massive population of homeless people everywhere begging for money every day just to have their first meal of the day or even week. Although it may seem insignificant, not giving up a dollar or even a couple of cents brings them one step closer to starvation or even death. Thus falling into a category of insufficient money, in our societal standards obtaining money can be so critical because of its dependability that ultimately means life or death. Although money is not the main source that leads to pov...

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...nd overlooked. The poor do not have a voice and therefore are not fully able to influence how the cities or the states they live in are governed in order to better communicate their struggle.
In conclusion, 14.8% of America is living in poverty yet, every time a homeless person gets a dollar their face lights up like a child. Poverty is having no education, lacking the basic elements to live, and lacking access to better their situation. Poverty is one of the leading causes of death and one of the least preventable. Poverty is an important human rights issue our society has not been able to prospect, but that is having much more coverage and awareness. It is important to be aware of the demand and stressful compromise poor communities experience. As a society, it is important to have productive and positive lives that bring meaning and offer the wellness for others.

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