Essay about Poverty And Lack Of Resources

Essay about Poverty And Lack Of Resources

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Poor people exist everywhere, street corners, parks, and at your local supermarket. It’s impossible to ignore the epidemic in this country and around the world. If you turn on your television, you will likely view an advertisement to feed a starving child, or to donate to help rebuild a country that happens to be damaged due to a disaster. Let’s not forget the millions of dollars our tax payers pour out to aid in the rebuilding efforts after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some people say it’s not our job, citing that overpopulation led to the majority of our world’s problems. These people also believe that poverty and lack of resources has a direct link to the overpopulation issues of today. However other people, including myself, believe helping the poor doesn’t lead to overpopulation or lack of resources, it can actually increase resources and lower reproductive rates.
In The Case for Helping the Poor, Garrett Hardin presents his case against helping out poorer, undeveloped countries. He says “in some ways we have already exceeded the carrying capacity of our land” (p. 358). If the world is truly overpopulated, how come “the world’s entire population could fit into Jacksonville, Fla., with everyone having standing room” (Richman). I’m sure everyone has driven through another city and notice the countless overpopulated sections of land, which is sometimes a benefit since people desire to live close to where they work and shop. On the other hand there are countries like “Ethiopia, Sudan, and Somalia”, which “are among the least populated areas on Earth” (Richman). With all of this available space there is room for growth of the population.
Perhaps Hardin is referring to a lack of resources to grow food, or people having an u...

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... human society better off than it was before the problem arose” (Richman).
It’s a shame we live in a world where anyone worries about their next meal, where they will sleep, or how they will clothe themselves and their family. In our country we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those rights should belong to all of God’s creatures, not just the ones that happen to be born into a family that lives in a country with that freedom. It’s ultimately up to each individual if they choose to help those less fortunate, although the result is that helping others gives you a good feeling. Also as proven, when we are another nation’s brother’s keeper we can assist them in climbing out of poverty by increasing their productivity, stimulating the economy, and as a result lower their reproductive rates, which in turn lowers the risk of any overpopulation.

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