Poverty and Inequality in the Country of Cuba Essay

Poverty and Inequality in the Country of Cuba Essay

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The conclusion is that there are some ways to improve Cuba, but without trade (because of the unjust embargo the United States has placed on Cuba) the economy will stay in the dust, unless foreign aid is given to Cuba that is similar to the aid that was given to them by the Soviet Union during the cold war. While solving housing problems can be attempted by replacing the infrastructure in Cuba. But as long as money is not passing through many hands, Cuba will not improve economically. Personally I think that this country will stay poor as long as it is not adopting capitalism, because being communist and next to the biggest capitalist super power is a foolish move and because of that Cuba is suffering from the embargo. If Cuba changes to capitalism the United States will try to make Cuba remain that way by lifting the embargo on it. After the embargo is lifted Cuba will be able to trade its resources to many nations around the world and money will soon re\ach the hands of poor Cubans.
The Consequences suffered by the factors listed above are countless including the following: Poverty, refugee issues, and poor housing. Surprisingly Cuba has a really high literacy rate and does not have any health issues at all; this is credited to Batista, Guevara, and Castro. The main problem with Cuba is that wages given to workers are not high, thus one third of the population lives in poverty. Wages in Cuba are not high because many people are already competing for work, which is not logical. This problem is not logical because the literacy rate in Cuba is high which should mean that workers are professional and have high wages, which is not the case in Cuba. Another problem faced by Cuban citizens is housing, many of the infrastructure in Cub...

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