Poverty and Diseases in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Local and Global Solutions

Poverty and Diseases in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Local and Global Solutions

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Poverty causes diseases, and diseases result in poverty; a satanic circle where once someone got in, s/he would be captured as a prisoner. There is an Arabic expression that states, "if the cause is known, the surprise is blown." If we get to know the various causes of poverty, we can take a long stride towards reducing tropical diseases that are prevalent in many poor countries. Things would look clearer if causal mechanisms behind the persistent increase of poverty in those countries were known. The latest statistics of The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) shows that the undernourished in Africa has increased approximately by 10% within 2004 and 2012 ("The State of Food Insecurity in the World" 10). Meanwhile, Debbie Bradshaw shows that 91% of cause of death in Africa is a result of various diseases (4). Therefore, poverty and diseases are two sides of the same coin. The solutions to reduce poverty and therefore diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa are both local and global. These solutions can be a good control over a country’s natural resources, good government spending on public health and education, and free trades between Sub-Saharan African countries and other countries.
Poverty and poor health are strongly linked to each other; poverty is a cause and a result of poor health. Marginalized groups are often worse off due to the lack of access to health services, which make them more vulnerable to diseases easily. These groups of low-level income are having a difficult time in making choices, putting their health at risk because they cannot see their independents suffer from hunger. In Sub-Saharan African, for example, females often pay the burden of caring who may give up their educations or accept low-waged ...

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