Poverty, Absolute, Relative, And Subjective Essay

Poverty, Absolute, Relative, And Subjective Essay

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. A specific dollar amount that for yearly income is considered the threshold for families and when families fall below that poverty threshold, they are considered living in poverty (Aber Morris & Raver, 2012). This is a general definition that the government uses to define poverty and can be inaccurate in many cases. There are three different definitions that scientists use to define poverty, absolute, relative, and subjective. Absolute is when a families income falls below the poverty guideline. Relative poverty is how far below a family is compared to the median income. Lastly subjective poverty, which is how a family feels about how they are getting by and their economic circumstances (Aber Morris, & Raver, 2012). Subjective poverty could include feelings about housing, food, income, leisure time, etc. I think that relative poverty is the most appropriate definition to use in the U.S. Relative poverty looks at the national median household. And is different than absolute, because it is not a general guideline created by the government, but is using real numbers. However, I do not think it is realistic to dismiss subjective poverty, because some families could be struggling from losing a job or other circumstances that subjective poverty is very relative and many families could be comparing to others peoples living conditions. I did not choose to rely solely on subjective poverty because I feel that some families could be living beyond their means or not being honest about their circumstances. While this is not true for all or a majority of cases, I do not think it should be a sole definition. Thus, using a combination of both relative and subjective poverty would be the most ideal way to define poverty. What I think is importa...

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...ild is not vaccinated it is not fair to that child to acquire that disease. Children should feel safe at school knowing they are in a safe environment, free of infectious disease. Vaccinations are the best way to ensure this. With that being said, the government also plays a role in this. Regarding the Sacramento school that turned away those students, they should’ve had better communication with the parents. Letting them know if they did not vaccinate their child, they would not be allowed to start on the first day of school. Similarly, they could’ve had a option to get vaccinated at the school, for the parents that were not informed. Communication is key when regarding parents and informing them about how to protect their children. Communicating the information of the benefits of vaccines and informing them about the policies and laws that go into effect.

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