The Potential Problem Of My Career Is Having A Seniority List Essay

The Potential Problem Of My Career Is Having A Seniority List Essay

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One potential problem that I have encounter in my career is having a seniority list. Since, my main focus and current goals is advancement within the company. It will be very challenging to accomplish. Being a part of a union in tells seniority and since people with a higher seniority comes first, I see it taking me longer than I planned to accomplish my career goals. It is very frustrating to know no matter how hard I work and how much care I put into my work advancement may not happen. Because of this seniority list I am always hoping that someone with higher seniority then me will quit or move on to another position within the company. Therefore, will allow me to move up on the seniority list.
The seniority list is an issue that I believe is argumentative because others may feel that having a seniority list gives everyone an equal chance to advance in their careers. Consequently, the seniority list is not based on educational degrees or experience. The effects of the seniority list allow people to know that they have first pick of upcoming career moves, or that they are first in line to get an advancement. Therefore, people with higher seniority know that no one hired after them will advance before them or take a job that they want because of the credentials they may hold. This is a very positive aspect of the seniority list and worth taking advantage of it.
I was taught that it is good to go to college and get a degree because it will help you advance. Having knowledge and proof of the career field will help aid with advancement within the company. The company that I’m currently working for this is not the case. No matter if you have a degree or not you have the opportunity to advance. I think that havi...

... middle of paper ... not let my thoughts trick me up to fail.
My audience is online learners and potential online learners. There are a lot of people out there right now that have to constantly motivated themselves to continue online learning This is my audience because this topic is very important to keep you on toes. No matter the reason which can deter you from continuing your education. Always remember to motived yourselves and always remember why you are going to college. As time pass these things may be out of focus so, I encourage my audience to write down your motivations and keep it close. Anywhere would be suffice, a wall, a desk, or a mirror just for an example. For potential online students this topic is also important because it lets you know that you may try to discourage yourself from completing your degree but keeping yourself motivated will be your key to success.

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