Essay on The Potential Abolishment of Government Assistance Programs

Essay on The Potential Abolishment of Government Assistance Programs

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The Potential Abolishment of Government Assistance Programs

Government Assistant Programs such as Welfare, Food stamps, Daycare, Healthcare, Energy, Communication and Transportation should be kept because they serve as an aid to people who need them. Past and current supporters of extirpating Government Assistant Programs claim that social security is number one on the list for needing to be suppressed. There are some who say that social security is a mandatory Ponzi scheme that has a bad effect on American workers. According to Julia Borowski, staff writer at Freedom Works, who promotes lower taxes, less government, and more freedom, calls social security a mandatory Ponzi scheme. Borowski also claims that everyone is being forced to pay social security payroll taxes but should have a right to opt out (Julia Borowski). Rick Perry made headlines for calling social security a “Ponzi Scheme” in September 2011 at a Presidential debate. He went on to say how social security is even worse than a Ponzi scheme because Ponzi Schemes are voluntary, while social security is mandatory (Julia Borowski). Many people also argue that social security spending is a major contributor to the deficit, and must be cut. “Social security is the largest government program and spends more than it raise, contributing to the overall budget deficits” (New American Foundation). The committee for the responsible federal budget says that social security is on a road toward insolvency and is projected to run out of money by 2037 (New American Foundation). However, those who support ending Social Security fail to realize that it is one of the nation’s most successful, effective, and popular US domestic programs. “According to the trustees' intermediate project...

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