The Potato Tomatoes Of God Essay

The Potato Tomatoes Of God Essay

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The Potato Tomatoes of God

Globally there are an estimated 2.2 billion Christians and 1.8 billion Muslims alive today. Both of these religions have adapted passages, and epochs from the Old Testament. Though the roots of these religions are similar, interpretation of these ancient texts vary between the two faiths. The book of Genesis, the plight of Noah, and the struggles of the Israelites when enslaved by the pharaoh, are told differently between the Bible and the Quran. Though the themes of these stories remain largely the same in both books, there are subtle differences which make each version unique.

The Bible teaches that Adam was created in God’s image, and that Eve was created from Adam’s rib, in order to end his solidarity in paradise. In the Book of Genesis God, instructs Adam to name all beasts as he sees fit. The tree of forbidden fruit, or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is commonly portrayed as an apple tree in the Bible, and when Eve tempts Adam to eat from the tree, God curses men, women, and snakes. Women are burdened with the pains of childbirth, and menstruation; while men are made to sweat for a living. In the Garden of Eden the serpent who tricks Eve was winged until God banished him to the ground, and dust. The Quran teaches a similar story with small differences in the details. Muslims believe that Jesus was prophet, and that his likeness, as well as Adam’s, was of God, but not in God’s likeness. Simply put, Jesus and Adam are godly beings, but do not have a physical resemblance to the Almighty. The Quran states that God teaches Adam the names “of all things”, and that Adam repeats the names and memorizes them. In the Quran Eve is not mentioned by name, nor is the Tree of Forbidden fruit. When seduc...

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... when witnessing the signs of God. The Pharaoh attempts to trick God, and Moses, proclaiming his faith in the moments before he drowns. Though God is not fooled, and does not accept. Instead God preserves the Pharaohs body to set an example for all future generations to see. The epochs of Moses, though very similar on the surface, have two different variations. Each variation highlights certain aspects of the stories greater theme.

Between the Quran and the Bible, many stories with similar themes are shared. The Book of Genesis, the story of Noah and his Ark, and the tale of Moses leading his people from enslavement are just a few examples of well-known stories which are interpreted differently in the two religious texts. These variations show that even though the Bible and the Quran have much in common, they are also very different in the details of interpretation.

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