The Potato Famine in Ireland Essay

The Potato Famine in Ireland Essay

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In the mid-1800s Ireland heavily relied on the growth of the potato. The phytophthora infestans spread Ireland quickly infecting all of the potato crops. This paper will cover the many different parts of the potato famine. The potato, The person invented the potato, how much Irish people relied on the potato and many other interesting things, as well as the development of the potato. One of the main reasons of that caused the potato famine was that many people slept in one cabin sharing it with many f animals and sleeping on straw beds that are on the ground. That spread many diseases throughout Ireland. The people got incredibly sick from the P infestans and it would not go down without a fight
The history of the potato states to the plant and its edible tuber. The potato was first domesticated about 7,000 years ago in southern Peru and Bolivia. The potato developed to be one of the most eatable vegetables in many places in the word, including Ireland. (Smithsonian) During the eighteenth century the popularity of the potato went through the roof. The potato was easy to move because unlike wheat the potato is really durable and grows underground. The potato is used in many ways. It can be used to feed livestock and starch is used in plant research. The potato is high in carbohydrates and is known for its nutritional value. The top two potato producing countries in the world are China and India. China produces 23.3% of the world’s potatoes. Right behind it India produces 12.2%of the world’s potatoes.
The immigration of the potato blight was in the 1840’s. A firsted disease of potatoes was reported in Philadelphia in 1843. In 1845 the disease was reported to be in Canada and in the Northern United States. (Fry, Goodwin, Dyer, ...

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