Postpartum Period On Females And Its Effects Essay example

Postpartum Period On Females And Its Effects Essay example

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Defining postpartum period in Females and its effects.
Jacob J. Bahbah
West Coast University
Psyc 290: Dr. Bohlmann


Defining postpartum period in Females and Males, and its effects.
After a long 9 months you have finally given birth to your new offspring. You have been expecting this day to come when you can move past the pregnancy and start your new chapter in life. You are so excited and happy to have entered a new child into this world. The weeks after childbirth present many challenges for new parents and their offspring. The period after childbirth or delivery which nearly lasts for about six weeks or until the mothers body has completed its adjustment and has returned to a nearly pre-pregnant state is called postpartum period. The postpartum period involves a countless adjustments and adaptations. Physical adjustments, emotional adjustments, and psychological adjustments start to kick in.
A women giving birth in a hospital will normally stay in the hospital until she is medically stable and chooses to leave. This period can be as quick as a few hours postpartum or may last anywhere between one to three days. The average woman who goes through a c section will stay for the longest amount of time which is four days or until they are medically stable. The reason this may last a longer time for other women is because the mother and infant are constantly monitored for any signs of bleeding, bowel and bladder function.
After childbirth a woman’s body will make many physical adjustments in the first days and weeks postpartum. She may have a lot of extra energy or feel exhausted and burnt out. Though most of these changes are normal, the fatigue can alter a new mother’s sense of comfort and conf...

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...ypically work away from home all day. They also have experience with depression although it may be typically lower than new mothers. When the mother begins to develop postpartum depression, many fathers also experience elevated levels of depression. They often time are jealous of the new baby, because the baby comes first and gets most of the mothers attention. The father begins to experience new stresses and exhaustion related to parenting and ensuring the mental health and finances for the family which will lead to a stronger, happier, healthier child. The fathers support and caring plays a strong role whether the mother develops postpartum depression. The more that the father was supporting the family and around the house, the lower incidence of postpartum depression in women.

(Kuo & others, 2012; Tsai & Thomas, 2012) (Meerlo, Sgoifo, & Suchecki, 2008)

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