Postpartum Depression And Child Development Essay

Postpartum Depression And Child Development Essay

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Postpartum Depression and Child Development

According to the American Psychological Association in 2015, approximately one in seven women who have given birth experience postpartum depression. The depression may seem unwarranted due to the nature of the occasion, but the number of women that have experienced postpartum depression have shed a light; to the topic of what can be the effects on the child after depression. The effects on a child after a (PPD) can affect the child’s IQ, language, and Cognitive development. There are two types of depression, the first being the baby blues and the second being Postpartum Depression (PPD); as well as causes and the aftermath that may occur if PPD goes undiagnosed. The mother feels confused and ashamed, but in many cases the depression can be treated and the outcome can be positive for both the mother and child.
The first types of depression is the baby blues, according to the American Pregnancy Association 's 2014 statistics, approximately 70 to 80 percent of women who have given birth experience the baby blues. The Baby blues are a weaker form of postpartum depression. The symptoms you can experience with the baby blues are moodiness, tiredness, anxiousness, eagerness, and just plain sadness all at once. The baby blues should be temporary you can start feeling this symptoms right after giving birth and they can last up to two weeks after the baby’s birth. If the baby blues last more than two weeks it is considered postpartum depression or Postnatal Depression. Postpartum depression is a depression suffered by the mother of a newborn child that is having thoughts of suicide and thoughts of harming the child. The symptoms of (PPD) are feeling overpowered by your crying baby, mood swings,...

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... some signs of depression get them help they need it. It can save a life there is treatment out there for them you can go to your regular doctor. You can go to this web sites that can get you informed and can help find people that can help or just put you in the right direction.
In conclusion I think postpartum depression in general is a very ugly illness because when you are support to be enjoying the arrival of a new baby in to the family you have to be dealing with sadness and anger. Having depression not only affects you, but it also affects the people around you and if it goes untreated and not seen by a doctor is can lead to some horrible things like death in the family. No one is safe from depression no matter if your wealth, poor, have a doctorate, or just a high school diploma any woman can be the victim to postpartum depression

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