Postpartum Depression : A Disease That Affects New Moms Essays

Postpartum Depression : A Disease That Affects New Moms Essays

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Postpartum depression is a disease that affects new moms who just had a baby physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This disease not only has effects on average working/nonworking moms, but even on famous celebrities and actresses. Postpartum depression has a long history of harsh consequences and mood changes in women. It has the result on new moms to make them feel like they are not able to bond with their baby. Many times this affects women in the ways of their relationship with their husband/boyfriend. Physically, this drains the mom from doing daily life and motherly activities. According to a study done by Jama Psychiatry in 2013, study shows that this disease affects 1 in 7 women. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about this disease.
When a woman feels depressed either before or after the birth of their child, it is called postpartum depression (PPD). PPD is nothing a woman can control; it comes after masses of mixed emotions. The mom can feel enjoyment and ecstatic to anxiety and dreadful all in a couple of hours. These different emotions have the effect of turning into appetite problems, mood swings, and trouble sleeping. Many women get overwhelmed at the fact of having a newborn that all of the pressure and anxiety gets to them, making it hard for them to complete everyday tasks. After a few weeks of the mom feeling this way, the symptoms can worsen. According to the Mayo Clinic, some symptoms include: difficulty bonding with the baby, withdrawing from family and friends, loss of energy, intense irritability, fear that their not a decent mother, feelings of worthlessness, and thoughts of harming themselves or the baby.
These symptoms of women feeling like they are worthless is caused by many hormonal changes going on th...

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... to cope, problem solve, and set goals. Antidepressants may also help depending on if the mom is breast-feeding because there could be some side effects that may affect the baby. With these treatments, PPD can go away within six months.
Postpartum depression has its different effects on different women, but this is a disease that is very well known between new moms and needs to be brought to the center of attention. Most of this is a reality check for many new moms, that it is all hard to grasp the feeling of having a newborn. It can be overwhelming with the crying, to all the hormonal changes that are happening in the body. It is great to know that there are easy treatments for the moms to overcome this dark life full of anxiety that they are in. Postpartum depression can be conquered by moms when they know they are not alone and know that people are there for them.

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