Postmodernism And The American War Essay

Postmodernism And The American War Essay

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In March of 2003, the United States had begun Operation Iraqi Freedom starting the United States involvement in the removal of WMDs and overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s leadership of Iraq. While at the time of the war, public opinion of the war was mostly positive, as more information regarding the true purposes of the Iraqi War, this approval rating had dropped. Although the war can be explained through a marxist mindset with the capitalistic United States invading Iraq for their oil surplus, Postmodernism best explains why the war occurred based on the news manipulation committed by the elite to persuade the American people to fight the war, when the elites had their own purposes of fighting that weren’t solely economic.
Postmodernism focuses on the overall story that those in power want the public to believe in order to serve the elites best interests. (Mingst, 2016) Postmodernism seeks to deconstruct the basic concepts of strategy, in which what appears on the surface is not the true game at play, yet rather what is happening beneath the surface tells what is truly happening. (Mingst, 2016) With the idea of Postmodernism, the idea of the state is simply a tool in which elites assert dominance and further better their situation. (Mingst, 2016)
In discussion of the Iraq War, over the course of the war, its motivating factors had slowly been truly seen by the public, what started off as a United States led operation to remove terrorism and WMDs in Iraq, and to remove the villainous Saddam Hussein from power; into discovering there were no WMDs to be found in Iraq, possible revenge motivation of Bush to go after Hussein, and the interests of Big Oil in the oil reserves found in the nation. As the Iraq War continued, the stories the...

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...ministration aimed towards the elimination of Saddam Hussein.
When comparing Postmodernism with Marxism, Postmodernism explains not only how the elites under the Bush Administration created a story to paint the necessity of war with Iraq, it had also used this war in order to both get revenge on Saddam and his regime for the Gulf War, but also to secure further economic strength. Both of these theories with Iraq show how the interests of few elites, and that of individuals can influence international affairs, while under their guise appear to be acting on the needs of the many within their nations. Overall, the Iraq War shows how backdoor deals, revenge plots and greedy desires to gain further strategic resources, can string along common people to be their “boots on the ground” to gain their interests, through the usage of Postmodernism and to a lesser extent Marxism.

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