The Postmodern Of Judson Dance Theater By Yvonne Rainer Essay

The Postmodern Of Judson Dance Theater By Yvonne Rainer Essay

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After watching the videos most made me feel same as in our book Bill T. Jones says, “Make something beautiful…Make something that comes honestly from you. Dare to fail.” That is exactly ho I felt after watching most of the videos. They were full of emotions and contact. The movements were very touchy feely and emotional with a story to tell; especially, the one called “What is contact improvisation?” I did reminded me of some of the previous choreographies we watched. I most of the videos there was a lots of ballet movements except the “Rennie Harris Puremovement │ Jacob 's Pillow Dance Festival 2009," which I actually enjoyed the most. I also did see some jazz, and musical, but not tap. If I look at previous video from Bob Fosse and his “Sweet Charity”, I don’t really see any connection between the videos we have see in this chapter.
The PostModern: Judson Dance Theater by Yvonne Rainer was very interesting to watch. What I was thinking when I was watching it was that it looks like she is creating choreography and when she is done, somebody like John Cage created music for Merce Cunningham will create music for her dance. I am not sure if that was the case or she was just studying the choreography before connecting it with the music. To describe what was going on in the world to prompt such a departure from ballet, modern, jazz dancing being performed at the time, our book states,
As the 21st century gathers momentum many people are speculating on the future of dance and the other performing arts. The performing arts reflect a culture’s needs and values, change as the culture changes and sometimes are in the forefront of new social directions. Obviously, in our rapidly-changing global culture, there will be many changes and a...

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...resented compared to the dancers on SYTYCD?
The bodies of dancers are presented in our book as “varied body types, proportions, and sizes… Many postmoderns choreograph in a unisex style, so there is no loner a “masculine” and an “feminine” movement vocabulary”. I do think that choreographers are emphasizing a sexualized body. For example, when I look at our book at the picture from Pilobolus Dance Theatre in Bonsai, I think that looks very sexual and emotional at the same time. I believe the presentation of the body onstage changed in way of gender. In Modern Dance there was still seen a difference in body gender more than in Postmodern. And I for me the way dancers are presented in our videos in comparison with SYTYCD it’s simply professional way. The dancers we have seen were highly trained dancer, but in the SYTYCD are dancer that are trying to become professional.

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