Postion on Nutrient Supplementation Essay

Postion on Nutrient Supplementation Essay

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Summary of Findings
Main Points
According to the American Dietetic Association, the use of supplements by consumers in the United States has become a growing trend, with nearly one-third of all adults taking a supplement regularly.1 It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that the use of supplements should be limited and optimal health can be achieved by choosing a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods.1 Nutrient supplements can be taken by individuals that are unable to meet the recommended dietary standards, as supplements can help them reach optimum nutrient levels determined by scientific nutrition standards.1 According to the American Dietetic Association Registered Dietitians play an essential role in guiding the consumer to selecting safe and appropriate nutrient supplements, and are the first resource in educating and promoting nutrient supplementation, therefore it is critical for Registered Dietitians to be aware of the health benefits and potential risks that nutrient supplementation offers.1
Quality and safety are two of the biggest concerns over nutrient supplementation for both nutrition professionals and consumers.1 The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) signed into law in October 1994 states a company is responsible for the self-monitoring of the safety of their product before it comes to market, but the FDA is responsible for monitoring supplements once they come on the market and they have the authority to eliminate a product if it is reported as unsafe.1 Currently, there are no requirements under law for companies to verify the safety and efficacy of nutrient supplementation prior to being released on the market, however, companies are required to report any adverse effects with...

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...always changing which is why continued education is so important. In order for me to be a successful future dietitian, I need to stay up to date because this is an ever changing science.
Mikaela Soto:
Group Contributions
Jaclyn Looper: Took the lead at selecting the article and delegating tasks and was responsible for the group consensus of the main points and recommendations of the position paper.
Kaylee Laigo: Helped by creating a template for the position paper and summarizing the future recommendations on the role of nutrition in health promotion and chronic disease prevention.
Katie Farmer: Detailed the consensus of the clinical/community/public/private/
individual applications as specified in the position paper.
Mikaela Soto: Compiled the final document and summarized the group consensus on the intervention strategies as specified in the position paper.

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