Essay on Postcolonial Theory And Post Modernism

Essay on Postcolonial Theory And Post Modernism

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In this chapter I am going to briefly discuss one of the Post Modern school’s theories the Postcolonial theory and its concepts, mainly referring to ideas of Homi K Bhaba one of the leading postcolonial theorists whom has a great influence to the field of studies itself and its application to Architectural studies.
To start with understanding the term Postcolonialism it might be helpful to look at the explanations given to the words Post Colonial: “Occurring or existing after the end of colonial rule” and Colonize: “Send settlers to (a place)and establish political control over it” at Oxford dictionary. (Oxford dictionaries, 2014) Postcolonial theory analyses, explains and responds to cultural influences in a previously colonized society. Post-colonialism studies aim is to helps us understand today’s and past’s intercultural affairs in such societies.
Postcolonial architectural studies mainly analysis two aspects. First it uncovers how colonisers use architecture as a tool to enforce new social, cultural and political directions in order to continue controlling the colonised substances. This aspect can be observed in colonial cities where the coloniser uses the city “as the spatial materialisation of the ‘civilising mission’, while simultaneously representing the violence of colonisation.” (Hernandez, 2010) By assuming that colonised people are uneducated and in need of learning the European norms and habits which includes living in European fashioned cities, instantaneously the new spatial orders such as orthogonal grids lead onto keeping the colonial leaders in the city’s core and push the locals away from them, either outside the city walls or at the periphery areas of the town. Second i...

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...colonised subject’s way of living in order to civilise the colonised, hybridity is the cultural outcome of such unfair and conflicting (ambivalent) process. Bhabha’s Hybridity concept is not just a representative process that signifying an unsuitable colonised subject, but rather it is a rebellious notion that indicates the “strategic reversal of the process of domination through disavowal” (Bhabha, 1994)
Hybridity gives the opportunity to the minorities to install their particular fractional culture and form their own community and of historic memory. Hybridisation and Hybridity ambition is to preserve varieties in all cultures as a fundamental norm; therefore they are great tools to support the minority groups in order to produce cultural hybrid elements from their own perspective to suit their unique lifestyle, which developed by experiencing variety of cultures.

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